Hard Chrome Roller

Hard Chrome is a common surface protection treatment applying to protect rollerer’s surface for wear and corrosion resistance.

NJRP possess hard chrome plating facility and capability which enable us to provide superior quality chrome plating as below:

  • At least 1000 micro cracks per linear inch which provide higher corrosion resistance than normal hard chrome.
  • Surface hardness of 950 – 1150 Vickers which harder than a conventional hard chrome of between 600 – 800 Vickers.

We provide various type of surface finishing such as:

  1. Ultra-mirror finishing with roughness below 0.01 Ra
  2. Mirror finishing
  3. Semi matt finishing
  4. Ground finishing
Ultra-mirror finishing
Mirror finishing
Satin finishing
Matt finishing

Our capability for hard chrome roller : Diameter 1200mm X TL 10000mm