Tungsten Carbide Roller

Tungsten Carbide and Chrome Carbide coating as surface protective material have been using for high abrasion/galling condition, which provide better protection than hard chrome.

NJRP has equipped with advanced High-Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) coating facility, which is a thermal spray coating process used to improve or restore rollerer’s surface property or dimension. It can improve rollerer life span significantly by increasing the wear resistance, erosion resistance and corrosion protection.

We provide an array of spray coating material (eg, WC-10Co-4Cr, WC-Co 88/12, Cr3C2-NiCr, MoB-CoCr, SS316L) to suit your specific need.

Special surface requirement that we able to produce:

  • Mirror or Ultra mirror surface for roughness below 0.01 Ra
  • Special surface roughness treatment base on request.
  • Cylindrical grinding and polishing service
  • Advance nano metal impregnation for micro pores sealant to provide higher corrosion resistance at wet/chemical and others critical environment.
HVOF spraying
Grinding process for tungsten carbide roller

Our capability for HVOF coating roller : Diameter 2500mm X TL 16000mm